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Tetra Pak's collaboration with KMK Paper, one of the largest paper producers in the country, has proven to be one of the best examples of extracting maximum value out of waste cartons since the partnership started in 2016. Recycler has demonstrated that with a circular value chain development mindset, a wide base of waste suppliers can be created and plant capacity can be utilized efficiently in recovering long and strong fibers of our packages. To be able to benefit not only from the fibers, but also from the polymers and aluminum in our cartons, next stage of the partnership had to be the polyAl granule production plant which started to operate at the end of 2020. Market reception of polyAl granules (used in the production of plastic crates, baskets, containers, pallet, pipes ) has been very promising and new end-product development programs are ongoing.

Pallets made of polyAl granule

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