Placove - recycled materials and applications

Recycled materials and applications

Roof made from recycled polyAl materials

Created in 2013, Placove is located 60 km from Mexico City. With an initial production of 3,500 roof tiles per month and installed capacity of 10,500 roof tiles, the company faced challenges related to quality and product rejections. To support them in solving the issues, Tetra Pak provided advice and technical support, as well as support in installing a polyAl cleaning line in 2014. The efforts worked: Placove is currently operating at 100% capacity and rejections have decreased to only 3%.

Currently in the Mexican market, there is an increase in the supply of polyAl available to be transformed, mainly driven by Bio Pappel in Tizayuca, the main carton package recycler. Placove has been buying and transforming polyAl for eight years now, and has established itself as a major polyAl buyer, currently buying 50.6% of the polyAl of the Mexican market supply.

Placove produces roof tiles and flat sheets. Roof tiles are currently in high demand by poultry and pig farms due to its thermal and permeability properties. Demand for flat sheets made from polyAl have been increasing, specially within construction and furniture industries.

The company continues to expand, and it is currently looking to increase their polyAl cleaning capacity by adding a new centrifuge and a crusher line. With that, they will be able to absorb additional volume produced by Bio Pappel.

They also have a second hot press which will double their production and reach an annual production of 240,000 pieces per year, consolidating themselves as the main local producer of roof tiles and flat sheet made from polyAl extracted from cartons.

Tetra Pak is supporting their efforts with a cleaning equipment. To expand market opportunities, we are also working to promote the products with the objective of expanding reach to other parts of the country, mainly in coastal areas and tropical climates.

Roof tiles made from recycled polyAl materials

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