Premium juice producer increased market share in Mexico

The customer challenge for juice producer Valle Redondo

In October 2021, the pandemic was in full swing. It was a difficult time for any company selling juices in portion packages, since these were typically regarded as lunch box fare. However, Valle Redondo, owner of the Natura 100% juice brand in Mexico, was still enjoying a 1.6% growth rate due to the success of its family packages. At first glance the numbers looked good, but when Valle Redondo compared its growth rate with that of the premium juice segment overall (4.2%) they saw an opportunity to boost market share.

Our solution - digital consumer engagement 

Tetra Pak proposed that Valle Redondo should make its first foray into digital consumer engagement using the premium Natura brand, a very high-quality product, in 1-litre packages.

“Valle Redondo has been a Tetra Pak customer since the early ‘80s, and we have a long history of cooperation and co-innovation,” says Key account manager, Gerardo Garza. “New products launched over the years have included both juices and wines in carton packages. In this instance, however, the decision was not to launch a new product, but rather to ‘sweat existing assets’ i.e. to do more with what the company already had.”

Consumer engagement with scan and win campaign

Read all about the scan and win campaign and the result, a 40% increase in sales at a time of year when juice sales in Mexico would normally be expected to dip.