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The Reciclar pelo Brasil platform, created in 2017 by Coca-Cola Brasil and Cervejaria Ambev, is a corporate and collaborative initiative to support selective collection and recycling within the scope of the National Solid Waste Policy, Brazilian legislation aimed at for the management of solid waste in the country. 

Since then, the initiative has been working with waste pickers' cooperatives throughout Brazil in order to improve their working conditions, making them more efficient, productive and increasing the volumes of recyclable materials destined for recycling and, consequently, the income of the waste pickers involved.

The strategy and performance of the Reciclar pelo Brasil platform is aimed at increasing packaging recycling rates, resulting in a series of actions that require constant monitoring and development in order to promote improvements at scale and capacity expansion in a strategic and equitable manner in the entire Brazilian territory.

In addition to expanding the recycling capacity, investment in new technical developments for recycling and products is necessary to create value across the recycling chain. From the development of products with greater added value, it is possible to promote the valorization of the raw material in the recycling process, including purchase and separation chain. With that, it is expected packages to be a material of growing interest for cooperatives and recycling businesses.

In three years of existence, Reciclar pelo Brasil has applied a social technology with quick and measurable results, based on a methodology that covers developments for cooperatives and associations of collectors – which, in most cases, are socially vulnerable, with management challenges and low infrastructure. 

Monitoring is carried out in seven fronts: legal and accounting regularization, administrative and financial management, operational and production management, associative vitality, people management, external relationships and partnerships, infrastructure and equipment. The monitoring is essential to highlight the organizations' progress. 

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