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Red Reciclo is a partnership among 14 companies which are committed to sustainability, including Tetra Pak, Postobón, Nestlé, Sistema Coca-Cola, Bavaria, Carvajal Empaques, as well as other providers of packaging solutions. 

The companies came together with the common objective of promoting the implementation of resolution 1407 of 2018, the Extended Producer Responsibility of Containers and Packaging, and its amendment 1342 of 2020, and aiming at a transition towards a circular economy in Colombia.

Red Reciclo is managed by CEMPRE (Compromiso Empresarial por el Reciclaje), of which Tetra Pak is a founding member, and is a 100% multi-material collective plan that seeks to strengthen the collection chains for cardboard, paper, carton packages, plastic, glass and metal.

It is a collective plan for the environmental management of containers and packaging that articulates projects and programs with an emphasis on educating consumers on the correct disposal of solid waste, as well as improving the collection infrastructure and the conditions of waste pickers and recyclers. The plan establishes sustainable logistics schemes to move usable material to transformation or recycling centers, and strengthens the information systems servicing the collection chains, including traceability.

During 2020, the pilot phase, the collective plan was developed and certified the management of 58,336 tons of post-consumer waste – a figure derived from the different programs and projects that were developed to build an economy around recycling.

Now in 2021, Red Reciclo is managing 23 initiatives, led by the companies that are part of the group, incorporating 40 waste management associations, which is equivalent to 19,000 waste pickers with a presence in 40 municipalities in four regions of the country.

“Alone we are strong, but united we are invincible”, became the driving force behind the initiative, representing the will to come together for a great purpose, to do the right thing and to take care of the planet.

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Coca-Cola, Nestle, Postobon, Cempre

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