Spain focuses on expanding market demand for polyAl1

Tetra Pak provides beverage carton recyclers with technical and investment assistance to speed up the recycling process of PolyAl. 


Assisting the recycling of polyAI in Europe

Spain is home to some of the largest paper mills in Europe, recycling approx. 150 kilotonnes of beverage cartons every year. Tetra Pak actively supports local recyclers by providing technical and investment assistance to help facilitate and speed up the recycling process of polyAI, which is the non-fibre portion of beverage cartons that is composed of a mix of polymer and aluminium.

Alier polyAl granules

Experienced recyclers in Spain accelerate polyAl recycling

Alier, a long-established and leading manufacturer in Spain, was founded in 1832 with ambitions for sustainability and now operates in over 30 countries worldwide. Alier started manufacturing 100% recycled paper as early as 1948 and is currently developing and funding a polyAl recycling line project. This initiative will allow the company to recycle all components of used carton packages, creating the conditions to transform them into quality materials and goods.

In addition to Alier's efforts, Tetra Pak has set ambitious targets for polyAl recycling in Spain. By 2025, the objective is to recycle nearly 30,000 tons of polyAl, contributing significantly to recycling levels.


Steps towards increasing recycling

Another company named Trans Sabater, which has been operating for nearly 40 years and specialises in the recovery and use of waste from both the industrial and municipal sectors, has been recognised as another partner in the speeding up of polyAl recycling in Spain.

Trans Sabater is committed to promoting sustainability by taking significant steps towards polyAl recycling. The company plans to set up a recycling line that can effectively recycle up to 10,000 tons per year. 

PolyAl fruit bowl

1The non-fibre component of carton packages is known as polyAl, which designates the layers of polyolefins and aluminium being used as barrier against oxygen and humidity to protect the food content in aseptic carton packages.


Companies involved:
Alier and Trans Sabater                                         

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