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With expert energy and waste assessments, high-tech, energy efficient equipment and processes, and our environmental packaging portfolio we have holistic solutions to your environmental challenges.


43% of consumers say that an environmentally sound package makes them much more likely to consider a brand.

Read our latest research on how environmental sustainability is impacting perceptions and behaviours of the modern consumer and what you should do about it.


Today, businesses are only as good as their sustainability credentials.

We help you to raise industry standards through sustainable innovation. Environmental research shows 43% of consumers express a willingness to pay a higher price for environmental features when choosing a food or beverage package. This is why we’ve extended our packaging range to include more products with increased renewable content and reduced environmental impact.


Efficiency is at the core of every sustainable, successful business.

We help you reduce your waste and energy consumption so that you can cut costs across your entire production line and make room to grow.

We’ve already helped others cut water consumption, product waste, CO2 emissions, and energy costs.

Office space in the afternoon.


We can help you navigate regulatory requirements and strive to push beyond your environmental and climate goals. Whether you need to reduce water use or improve energy efficiency, we have a range of services and solutions to support you.


Recent years have shown a significant number of consumers are looking to buy environmentally sound products because they want to preserve the environment for future generations. Are you ready to meet their needs? Our Product Development Centre can provide the inspiration you need to drive innovations in sustainability.

See how we enabled Kaslink to expand into the oat milk market in Finland.

Discover how we’re helping customers transform

Flying fruits.

Demand new levels of efficiency.

Our holistic approach starts on the factory floor with our processing solutions, where we can improve efficiencies across food safety, product quality and environmental performance.

Partner with us to share our unrivalled expertise and experience in delivering sustainable results.

A sustainable carton family.

Reduce your environmental impact.

91% of consumers frequently look for environmental logos when shopping. With recyclable, responsibly sourced packaging made using the latest technology, you can build a position as a sustainable business leader.

Read about how we have reimagined food packaging to be the sustainable choice for the environmentally aware customer.

Food safety and quality.

Optimise your environmental performance.

Our insights and expertise help you prepare for emerging environmental challenges, such as saving energy by detecting steam and water leakages instantly.

How can our digitalisation solutions make you an environmental leader in the food and beverage industry? Find out here.

Tetra Recart carton packages being transported by truck.

Low carbon, delivered.

Light weight and space efficient, Tetra Recart® carton packages are easy to transport. With more units per truck compared with cans, that means less trucks on the road and reduced carbon emissions.

Read how Tetra Recart carton packages can help you cut your carbon footprint.

Kaslink plant-based product.

One step ahead.

With growing consumer trends in non-dairy and vegetarian products, Finnish food Company Kaslink was ready to take the leap to stay ahead of the competition.

Read how we helped Kaslink with our customised and cost-effective solution for plant-based drinks.

Chinese girl drinking.

Precision dairy.

The more you know, the better your factory runs. With its operations digitalised by us, leading Chinese dairy manufacturer Mengniu found out how to do more with less.

Read how we helped Mengniu Dairy to make the transition to ‘Dairy 4.0.’


Today, true sustainability means everything we do must make a positive contribution to the environment, not take from it. We call this “Planet Positive”. At Tetra Pak, we’re on a journey to becoming climate positive by focusing on plant based materials, using renewable energy, developing ever more innovative and efficient processes and aiming for total recycling.

Find out how we can help you meet your sustainability ambitions


Transform your business sustainably

Transform your business sustainably

Consumer Environmental Trends Report 2019

Consumer Environmental Trends Report 2019

Tetra Pak Index 2019

Tetra Pak Index 2019