Food safety and quality

Tetra Pak Services is your partner in food safety and quality. Watch this video to see how we work.

Food safety and quality specialist at work in the lab.

Ensuring the best for your product

Consumers are more concerned about food safety and quality than ever before. They care about the integrity of the finished product, and want to trust its sourcing as well. Our technologies for food safety and quality management allow you to reduce product defects by up 50%. They also protect your product from contamination and enhance traceability throughout the entire value chain. We also know that the best way to handle food safety and quality issues is to stop them before they happen. To ensure you get the best for your food safety and quality systems, we work with the latest innovations to predict breakdowns. And our specialists can help you with site audits and equipment reviews – so you and your staff can stay ahead of a crisis.

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A fruit purée producer achieved FDA compliance.

FDA compliance for fruit purée producer

A joint two-week effort of our automation service hubs in Europe and the US helped a fruit purée producer secure 100% compliance with FDA regulations.

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A full TPM approach reduced consumer claims by 74%.

Full TPM approach for Asian dairy producer

A full Total Productive Maintenance implementation helped an Asian dairy producer improve quality in all plant loss areas – and to reduce consumer claims with 74%.

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Our aseptic production expertise helped reduce loss of sales due to poor quality by 90%.

Improved quality management for milk producer

By updating their Quality Control system using our aseptic production expertise, we helped a European ambient white milk producer reduce loss of sales due to poor quality by 90%.

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Factory workers with tablet.

Increase profitability

Optimise your assets, reduce waste and protect your investments - we can help you secure a sustainable and profitable business.

Tetra Pak service engineers at packaging line.

Improve delivery reliability

Reduce downtime and optimise your performance – with production support from us, you can improve your delivery reliability.

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