Packaging and distribution solutions for today – and tomorrow

Challenged by how to live up to consumers’ demand for sustainable, innovative and convenient packaging or the need to ensure full traceability of contents across parts of the value chain? Through advanced packaging and distribution solutions, such as our connected package technology, we help you take the lead on efficiently delivering food that is safe, sustainable, and traceable to every corner of the world.

How we can help you

Pioneer safe, sustainable packaging

Different foods have substantially different quality requirements and today, food packaging not only needs to be sustainable, it must also be optimised to overcome global distribution challenges. We have developed unique experience with a diverse range of foods, enabling us to deliver the right packaging solution for your needs.

Ensure full value chain traceability

Traceability is becoming increasingly important in demonstrating food safety for manufacturers and consumers. We have extensive knowledge and can support you in setting up a solution that helps you ensure full value-chain traceability.

Provide global distribution expertise

We understand the rules and regulations regarding the safe distribution of food on a global scale. With an integrated packaging and distribution challenge, we can help you find the right sustainable solution to follow foods all the way, from sourcing, through channels such as e-commerce, to final distribution – now and in the future.

Local service, global expertise

Benefit from experienced Key Account Managers who provide day-to-day information and support to help manage your business, backed by an international network of global specialists and local market experts. Similarly, local service engineers quickly attend to any production issues, with 24/7 support from experts around the world. Add a global network of suppliers, and you’ll always have access to the packaging materials, spare parts and consumables you need.