Tetra Pak® CIP unit P

Smart CIP safety

    • Simple and modular – easy to install and use with premium performance
    • Cost effective – enable economical use of water and detergents
    • Flexible – adapt cleaning programs or create your own to meet specific production needs
Tetra Pak® CIP unit P

Tetra Pak® CIP unit P - automatic Cleaning-In-Place

Tetra Pak® CIP unit P​ is an advanced automatic cleaning-in-place system used for cleaning process equipment such as filling machines, pasteurisers, sanitary pipes, tanks, aseptic tanks, plate heat exchangers etc.​​


Advanced automatic system for cleaning food processing equipment

6 – 50,000litres/hr and 1- 4 pressure lines

Dairy, beverage and food


Liquid tracking with virtual imaging

Prevents detergent waste and saves time

Tetra Pak® CIP unit P creates a virtual image of each cleaning circuit. This, combined with a liquid tracking system, keeps track of the different cleaning phases. The unit 'knows' when the mix of detergent and water reaches the part of the machine where it should be separated into its different parts again. Knowing where all the liquids are enables accurate recovery to the right tank. This minimizes the dilution of stored detergent, as well as reducing waste (i.e. flushing detergent down the drain).

Water plug

Minimises water consumption and saves time

The CIP unit's automation system enables full control of all the liquid in the cleaning circuit. The 3 standard cleaning phases are caustic, water (which flushes out the caustic) then acid. Liquid tracking makes it possible to separate the caustic and acid phases with a water plug instead of a full rinse. This minimises water consumption and reducing waiting time before starting the acid phase.

Flexible dosing system

Flexible dosing system

Lets you vary the cleaning according to need

The length of time and the concentration of detergent required to clean the equipment varies according to the product that has been processed on it. This CIP unit can for instance, be set up with dosing of concentrates directly into the pressure line - either to be used for 'single use' (detergent is only used once) or to mix detergent with water in the detergent tank (if using the same detergent repeatedly). During cleaning, dips in detergent concentration are compensated with an automatic boost of concentrate, if necessary.

Conductivity management

Conductivity management

Ensures economical use of detergent

The system measures both the temperature and conductivity of the cleaning fluids in the circuit in order to understand which liquid is present and how concentrated it is. If the system does not have the right concentration of liquid, more detergent concentrate is added. When using other formulations besides caustic soda and acid, it is possible to add the correct/relevant temperature coefficients in the HMI.

CIP programme management

Lets you devise your own cleaning programmes

There are fourteen standard cleaning programmes. However, it is also possible to add new cleaning programmes if needed. This is useful when switching to new production equipment with special cleaning needs, or switching from one product to another. You can adapt to the precise need easily as it is part of the standard interface. A trained engineer from Tetra Pak® can support if necessary.