Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Robot Filler M1

Highly advanced, flexible and ergonomic

  • World’s first collaborative robot specifically designed to automate small-scale manual ice cream filling
  • Great flexibility in filling and decorating a wide range of ice cream products
  • Advanced automation safeguards operator safety and supports excellent ease of use
Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Robot Filler M1

Tetra Pak Ice Cream Robot Filler M1 - a smart and compact tub filling table

Tetra Pak Ice Cream Robot Filler M1 is an advanced, semi-automated unit for filling ice cream tubs up to 12 litres  with flexible, artisan-like patterns


Up to 2,400 litres of product per hour/12 units per minute


Ice cream, water ice, sorbet, sherbet and plant-based frozen desserts with or without inclusions and/or ripple effects



Robot filling arm

Automated control of filling nozzle motion

The robot filling arm moves in lateral and horizontal planes to deliver a precise, repeatable filling pattern and finish. The fully automated action supports highly advanced decorations and patterns. The robot also enables filling with cold ice cream, which minimises ice crystallisation, reduces hardening time need and maximises product quality.

Dual filling stations

Continuous production enabled

Two filling stations with adjustable product holders enable continuous production. Cup, tub or cone fixation is guided from four sides to ensure the right filling position. The adjustable holders enable fast changeovers between product types and sizes, with tub capacity of up to 12 units per minute. Each full container is replaced by the operator during filling of the alternate container, ensuring constant production.

Exchangeable and adjustable product holders

Enables wide range of product sizes

Product holders are easy to remove or adjust to fit multiple product sizes. Standard holders come in a range of fixed sizes corresponding to different cup or tub dimensions. Adjustable holders have flexible guide rails that can be widened or narrowed to fit the right cup or tub size. Both holder types allow easy switching between different cup, tub and family pack sizes.

Robot control system

Robot control system

Endless range of motions and timings

An integrated control system stores and controls all robot motions and timings. Many filling motion profiles and timings are pre-loaded and these can be tailored by the user to fill and decorate the product in question. An easy-to-use interface enables the user to select the correct profile and also to adjust the motion profile and timings. All profiles and variations are downloadable to a USB drive.


Multiple filling nozzles

Multiple filling nozzles

For different finishes and decorations, with or without ripple

Multiple filling nozzles are available for different finishes and decorations. Inclusion sizes of up to 10 or 16 mm are supported. Flat bottom nozzles are available for large tubs or cake without decoration. Serrated bottom nozzles enable decoration filling including ripple sauce. Customised options also exist.

Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S series

Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S series

Automated freezing maximises cost reduction

An automated freezer unlocks the full benefits of robot filling. Compared to manual freezing, an automated freezer reduces standard product deviation from around 4% to 1.5% or less, reducing product waste. The continuous freezer’s rapid start-up and product changeovers further reduce waste. Tetra Pak has two options:

  • Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer 1500 A2, with capacity of 300-1,500 l/hr of ice cream
  • Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer 700 A2, with capacity of 150-700l/hr of ice cream ​