At the forefront of digitalisation for ice cream production

The future is digital. And so is the present – digital technologies have opened up new possibilities that already are available, here and now. Digital connectivity and data provide important opportunities to improve and move your business forward. By understanding these opportunities, and by focusing on your needs, we create solutions that help you meet your challenges.

This is the background to our Ice cream Digitalisation portfolio – digital solutions tailored to ice cream production lines.

An industry with special requirements

In contrast to many other food process lines, ice cream demands continuous production. The reason is quite simple: if there is a short stop, the ice cream will melt. Another important consideration is the appearance of the final product. Ice cream sticks and cones and other products should not only taste, but also look delicious. Therefore, the repeatability of exact production parameters is of high value. Changes to these often result in different appearance.

Moreover, ice cream production lines are complex. As they are typically used for a wide variety of products – sticks, cones, sandwiches.

The products in the ice cream portfolio

Benefits include reduced operational cost and a more effective operation. The solutions also allow you to increase production, reduce unplanned downtime and utilise your assets optimally.

  • Ice cream Line Insight gives you all the intelligence you need to improve line efficiency, in a solution that is secure, easy-to-use – and adaptable to your specific needs.
  • Ice cream Position Assist optimises product transfer by making sure the product is positioned correctly and consistently.
  • Ice cream Cone Filling Assist helps you produce precision-perfect ice cream cones by ensuring that the filling always ends up in the centre of the cone.
  • Ice cream Video Care is troubleshooting made easy. This service lets you supervise your entire production process with up to 16 cameras along the line. Also, it enables you to see areas where it is difficult to get visibility, such as the hardening tunnel and parts that are behind safety covers.

In the pipeline

We will develop our Ice cream Digitalisation portfolio continuously – and we will do it in close collaboration and dialogue with our customers. Based on the input we get, we’ll evolve the solutions so more customers can benefit from them.



Hand holding ice cream stick

Ice Cream Position Assist

With Ice Cream Position Assist, product position issues are detected early. This lets you reduce product waste and improve product appearance.

Tables and graphs

Ice Cream Line Insight

Get the insights you need to make the right decisions. Ice Cream Line Insight is a secure digital solution that collects data from all equipment on a line.