Ice cream line efficiency through data insights

Ice Cream Line InsightTM

Get the insights you need to make the right decisions. Ice Cream Line Insight is a secure digital solution that collects data from all equipment on a line.

Data insights to facilitate decision-making

Ice Cream Line Insight provides you with fact-based reports, based on hundreds of data points from your entire ice cream line. Through real-time and historical data, you have the information you need to understand why an issue occurs – and to improve efficiency, reduce waste and secure food safety.
Ice cream insight

Easy to use and ready to meet your needs

Ice Cream Line Insight is ready to handle your complex and specific needs – but it’s also straightforward to use. The installation process is quick and smooth. The interface is intuitive and secures easy operation. And with our default report format, designed by ice cream experts, you can start using the solution straight after installation.
Ice cream service engineers

You’re in control

Your line data is business-critical information. That’s why we’ve made sure it stays secure, and that you are in complete control: your data is stored locally.   Using a cloud solution is optional, and you can also choose to give our experts restricted access for specialist support.
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How can you benefit?

What tangible, hands-on needs do Ice Cream Line Insight meet? We asked Product manager Elsebeth Baungaard and Software Designer Anders Hald Kirkebye to elaborate.

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Tackle problems at the source

How can the insights Ice Cream Line Insight provides be transformed into tangible operational benefits? Here’s a hands-on example!