Our goal is to cap our 2020 climate impact across our value chain at 2010 levels, regardless of business growth. In 2016, we managed to achieve a 16 percent reduction, despite a 19 percent increase in packages sold. With over 50 percent of our climate impact deriving from equipment use by our customers, we focus our efforts on helping them find innovative solutions that reduce carbon.

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The importance of science-based targets

We have committed to reducing operational greenhouse gas emissions by 42 percent by 2030 and 58 per cent by 2040, from a 2015 baseline. Also, we commit to reduce value chain emissions by 16 percent per unit of revenue by 2020 (2010 baseline). In 2016, we became the first company in the food packaging industry to have our climate impact reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBT), a global partnership between CDP, the World Resources Institute, World Wide Fund for Nature and the United Nations Global Compact, to which over 210 companies have committed.

What is a science-based target?

Targets are considered ‘science-based’ if they are in line with the level of decarbonisation required to keep the global temperature below 2 degrees compared to pre-industrial temperatures, the basis of the 2015 COP21 Paris Agreement. The aim of the SBT is that by 2018, science-based target setting will become standard business practice and corporations will play a major role in closing the emissions gap left by country commitments.

With a climate goal already in place, the SBT initiative allowed us to reformulate targets to align with what science says is necessary to keep global warming below the dangerous threshold of two degrees. At the same time, the SBT process has allowed us to look beyond our existing commitments and set a course of action through to 2040. The new targets ensure we are able to openly and accurately demonstrate the contribution we are making to a low-carbon economy among customers and other stakeholders.

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“Taking action to minimize our climate and environmental impact is key to our business and CDP enables us to be transparent on the progress of our work across the entire value chain. We are therefore, extremely proud to join the top scorers in the CDP Supplier Climate A list.”

Mario Abreu, Vice President Environment, Tetra Pak

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