​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Building competencies

By promoting a culture of learning and sharing knowledge and experience across the business, we enable our people to reach their full potential, while also attracting and retaining the very best. Employees can expect continuous learning and development, aligned to their personal goals and contributing to our corporate strategy. We help our people develop their competencies across corporate functions, from customer understanding, leadership and project management; to sales and portfolio management. ​ 

Learning and development chart

​To ensure full engagement with our sustainable company mission, we offer mandatory training in our Code of Business Conduct, as well as environmental management training and an e-learning module on corporate governance. Regular performance evaluations are part of the company-wide review process and financial incentives are available to those meeting their goals, including environmental targets such as recycling rates and greenhouse gas emissions.​​

Our learning and development programmes are designed to help build an internal culture of high performance – where talent is respected, recognised and rewarded.

Every day, our leaders speak with their teams to understand how we can help people perform at their best. Our learning portfolio is focused on strategic capabilities, our future talents and the way in which we on-board employees at Tetra Pak.

With the creation of our Strategy 2030, our focus on learning has increased even more, as building the right capability to deliver moves centre stage. Accordingly, we did the following in 2019:

  • Built a new set of leadership behaviours – Create Dynamism, Drive Productivity, Build Capability – that will enable future success.
  • Started work on a comprehensive new leadership development portfolio.
  • Completed our onboarding programme, which is now available to all newcomers.
  • Launched LinkedIn Learning to all employees, which exceeded expectations with 56% takeup and an average 90 minutes of usage.
  • Our pilot of driving a continuous feedback culture to support learning was successful and the approach has now been launched to the whole organisation.​