Used for the sterilization of low acid foods, UHT treatment involves heating the product to over 135 °C. It destroys all microorganisms, making the end product suitable for ambient distribution.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​UHT treatment for food and dairy products​

UHT treatment requires both a sterilizer and an aseptic unit (for packaging the product). It is used for low acid (above pH 4.6) products such as UHT milk, UHT flavoured milk, UHT creams, soya milk and other dairy alternatives. The same process is also used to sterilize prepared food, such as soups, sauces, desserts, tomato and fruit preparations, and baby food.

The birth of high heat treatment and canning as a means of preserving food began in France in the early 1800s. By 1839, tin-coated steel containers were widely in use. In the 1960s, building on this early food conservation technology, Tetra Pak pioneered its own continuous UHT process and aseptic packaging systems, and so kick-started the growth of the UHT milk segment.

In UHT treatment, the goal is to maximise the destruction of microorganisms while minimising the chemical changes in the product. That means finding the optimal combination of temperature and processing time for different types of food.

Tetra Pak offers two alternative methods of UHT treatment: direct or indirect. In direct UHT heating, steam is briefly injected into the product, and this is rapidly followed by flash cooling. The brevity of the treatment makes it possible to achieve very high product quality.

However, the process requires relatively high energy consumption compared to indirect UHT treatment. With indirect heating, the product does not come into direct contact with the heat source, but is instead heated using heat exchangers. What makes this method so cost-effective is that most of the heat energy can be recovered.

Equipment for UHT treatment

Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex

Tetra Therm® Aseptic Flex

Tetra Therm® Aseptic Flex is an advanced processing unit for high-performance continuous UHT treatment in a tubular or plate heat exchanger under aseptic conditions.

Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex 1

Tetra Therm® Aseptic Flex 1

In its basic form, the new Tetra Therm® Aseptic Flex 1 is a stripped-down, continuous aseptic processing unit that provides solid indirect UHT performance at a low investment cost.

Tetra Therm  Aseptic VTIS

Tetra Therm® Aseptic VTIS

Tetra Therm® Aseptic VTIS has long represented state-of-the-art direct UHT processing of premium quality, aseptic products from white milk to viscous ice cream mix.

Tetra Therm Aseptic Visco with THE

Tetra Therm® Aseptic Visco (with THE)​

Continuous aseptic processing unit for indirect heating and cooling of low or high acid viscous food products with or without particles.

Tetra Therm Aseptic Visco

Tetra Therm® Aseptic Visco (with Tetra Vertico®)

Tetra Therm® Aseptic Visco is a continuous processing solution for both direct and indirect heat treatment (aseptic, UHT and non aseptic) of prepared foods

Tetra Therm Aseptic Visco with Contherm

Tetra Therm® Aseptic Visco (with Contherm®)

Tetra Therm Aseptic Visco with Contherm provides continues indirect heating and cooling of high viscous and smooth to particulate food products

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