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Rethinking food packaging from the ground up

We need to rethink food packaging from the ground up. Recycling can help reduce the environmental impact of packaging, but recycling alone can’t eliminate this impact.

Carbon emissions watch: why are they still on the rise?

The global food system accounts for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Energy accounts for the majority of the emissions, but farming, processing and distribution of food also have a significant climate footprint.

One third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted

When food that is safe and healthy for humans to eat is lost or disposed of, it’s called food waste. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), one third of all food is lost or wasted somewhere along the food supply chain.

Recycling: What will it take to make it work?

By recycling materials, we reduce waste, save resources, and contribute to lower climate impact. But with only 13.5% of global waste being recycled and 40% of global plastic waste ending up in the environment with devastating consequences for us and our planet, it may be hard to believe in the merits of recycling.

Reducing end-of-life impact on nature

Many countries and regions are tackling the problem of waste with a shift to returnable, reusable and recyclable products and materials. Around the world, authorities are setting ambitious recycling targets, supported by industry and volunteer initiatives. It’s clear, however, that collection and recycling in their current forms have limits.


The challenges of sustainable food packaging

The challenges of sustainable food packaging

All the way from sourcing to end-of-life, there’s a lot to be considered when developing the package of the future. Get all the facts in under five minutes here.

Get the full picture

Get the full picture – watch our film

Packaging plays a critical role in the global food delivery system, helping keep food safe, nutritious and available for people around the world. But it can also cause problems for the planet. Watch this video to understand where the solution lies.

Our journey towards the food packaging of the future

Our journey towards the food packaging of the future

Our aim is to create cartons made solely from plant-based materials that are fully renewable, fully recyclable and carbon-neutral. It is all part of our journey to deliver the world’s most sustainable food package.

Our ambition

Our ambition

Adolfo Orive, President and CEO of Tetra Pak talks about our ambition to create the ultimate sustainable food package – that secures food safety and availability while reducing the impact on our planet


The Future Sustainable Package

Whitepaper: The Future Sustainable Package

What does the sustainable food package of the future look like? In this whitepaper, you will learn what’s needed to lead the sustainability transformation and make a positive impact.

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