Go Nature. Go Carton.


Working collaboratively to unleash the full potential of recycling

By working together to recycle materials, we can reduce waste, save resources, and contribute to lower climate impact. Today carton packages are recyclable1  and, at Tetra Pak, we are collaborating across the recycling value chain to improve recycling rates around the world. But we still have work to do. So, we’re addressing the six steps in the recycling value chain, to move closer to realising our recycling ambition: A world where all packages are collected, recycled and never become litter. 

Our recycling journey

Unleashing the full potential of recycling.

Imagine a world where all packages are collected, recycled and never become litter. At Tetra Pak, this is our ultimate recycling ambition and part of our journey towards the world’s most sustainable food package.

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Our recycling initiatives

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The future sustainable package

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Carton packages

A sustainable choice

Elevate your sustainability strategy with our packaging solutions.

1Carton packages are collected and recycled worldwide, where waste management and recycling infrastructure is in place.