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Building consumer awareness and engagement

A successful recycling infrastructure relies on consumers doing their part. From using on-package messages to communicating in digital channels, we constantly strive to spread awareness and increase engagement with recycling. We also run educational programmes and awareness activities in schools and other community venues. And we collaborate with our customers and retailers on joint awareness activities that share information and inspire consumers to recycle as much as they can every day.

Supporting consumers in recycling more

Increasing awareness is key to getting consumers on board

Increasing recycling rates of packaging requires an approach that addresses each stage of the recycling value chain, from the design and production of food packages to the collection, recycling and sale of recycled materials. 

Consumers play a crucial role in the recycling value chain. After all, they are the ones who choose and use the food or beverage product and decide whether the used package becomes part of the recycling system. That’s why it’s critical to increase consumer awareness about the opportunities to recycle carton packages and make it easy for consumers to take the initiative. 

Educational programmes get the message out

Tetra Pak cartons are recyclable and recycled across the world today. On average more than 70% of the carton is made of long, strong paper fibres that can be recycled several times into new paper products. The thin layer of polymers and aluminium, which protects the product from moisture, can be separated and turned into new products, such as roofing tiles, crates and other plastic products. 

We work hard to get this message out to consumers through a plethora of educational programmes and awareness activities all over the world. For example, we partnered with the Catavento museum in São Paulo to create a permanent exhibition on the recyclability of cartons. Three of our customers sponsor activities and provide material for visitors. Within six months after the launch of the first exhibition, 100,000 visitors had attended. In 2021, we will continue developing digital content and inaugurate a new exhibition about the filling of packages.

We also created the Alag Karo waste segregation programme in Gurugram, India, in partnership with Coca Cola India, GIZ and Saahas. Along with raising awareness of the importance of separating waste for recycling, the programme implemented waste segregation systems in 24,000 households, 425 offices and 39 schools, and engaged 510 waste workers to help collect and sort recyclables. 

Our journey

Our collaborations

Taking the lead on waste segregation

In India, we work on the Alag Karo Initiative with non-profit organisation Saahas to promote waste segregation in Gurugram, a city with a booming population. Since 2017 the initiative has helped increase consumer awareness and engagement and created a better understanding of recycling.

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