​​​​​​​​​Filtration solutions for plant-based foods and drinks

The possibilities of riding the plant-based revolution are virtually unlimited with the gentle filtration process 

Membrane filtration has been used for many years in the dairy industry for creating e.g. high-protein dairy products and protein powders based on milk or whey. For plant-based products possibilities are also virtually unlimited. 

Proteins from peas, rice, beans, nuts, and grains can be used for a wide range of plant-based food products, drinks, and powder ingredients. Plant-based alternatives to yoghurt and cheese, oat milk, coconut water, and soy products are examples of a booming market. 

The gentle filtration process can concentrate the plant-based proteins and helps preserve the desired original taste of the raw materials, while removing bacteria, spores, and bitterness from the proteins. 

Testing and co-creating together with customers​

Testing is carried out in Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions’ test center in Aarhus, Denmark, or in one of Tetra Pak’s other test centers around the world – as well as together with customers at their sites, using rental pilot plant. Our test centers include lab scale units and pilot plants. Test and development can be carried out on all types of filtration systems; spiral-wound, plate & frame, ceramic, and tubular systems.​

We can help you developing new products, making product samples to be used in consumer tests, and testing altered process parameters on existing filtration solutions. 

Pilot plants are also sold as stand-alone solutions to dairies and food producers, as they can produce products just as large-scale membrane filtration systems.

With decades of expertise within membrane filtration combined with process and application knowledge, Tetra Pak's food scientists and membrane solution engineers can design exactly the customer-specified membrane filtration system needed to meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based foods and beverages.

Plant-based drinks