Tetra Recart Food Development Centre

People in Tetra Recart food lab

A world of opportunities

It’s amazing what you can achieve with the support of the Tetra Recart® Food Development Centre. Our dedicated experts are here to help you get the most out of your food production system – people who know and love food and who are excited about helping you achieve your ambitions to meet the needs of modern consumers

People from all across the food industry come to the Food Development Centre to try out their ideas ‘in real life’. Our customers represent more than 150 brands in 50 markets and include brand owners, technicians, imaginative chefs and marketers. You too can develop new recipes and produce samples in our test factory — which is complete with pre-processing equipment, filling and sealing machines and retorts.

 Hand holding Tetra Recart carton package

Consumer trends affecting the canned food industry

Consumer tastes are driven by changing ideas about personal health and by broader societal trends such as concern for the environment, lack of time and a longing for authentic food experiences. Here, we highlight three of the consumer food trends that could be affecting your canned food business.


Accelerate your canned food product development

Looking for inspiration for your next great product? Visit us at the Tetra Recart® Food Development Centre and let our chefs inspire you. Get some fresh ideas for new ingredients and products. Together we can generate more ideas and get more new products ready for commercial production, faster. Whether you’re an established manufacturer or a start-up, we make the innovation process quick and easy for you.

Run product trials on our mobile test unit

Whether you need a handful of different product samples to run by your colleagues, or thousands of identical samples for a retail trial, you can relax. Stay right where you are. If you can’t come to our Food Development Centre in Sweden, the Tetra Recart® mobile test unit and our experts can come to you.We ship one of our pilot packaging lines to your production site, wherever you are. You can then create samples without disrupting normal production, and ensure sensitive ingredients are fresh when packaged. Plus, you get the full benefit of our extensive experience of perfecting recipes for Tetra Recart packages.

“My job is to bring your food ideas to life”

Visit the Tetra Recart® Food Development Centre and you’ll meet people who know and love food and who are excited about helping you achieve your ambitions whether that means replicating an existing recipe or exploring totally new culinary avenues. We asked one of Tetra Recart’s dedicated experts, Peter Brunkestam, to describe his role as Product Development Chef at the Food Development Centre.

Food packaging: going from cans to cartons

As a canned food manufacturer, you have so much to gain from transferring to a modern carton packaging system like Tetra Recart®. Your products get an instant facelift, and a stable, lightweight package that’s perfect for e-grocery. What’s more, carbon emissions from Tetra Recart over the lifetime of the package are 81% lower* than those of steel cans and glass jars. In recent years, the food industry has seen whole product categories moving into cartons. For example, canned tomatoes, canned beans, canned vegetables and even canned pet food are commonly sold in Tetra Recart packaging these days. The transition is easy, but of course, there are some things you need to think about.
*Source: Life Cycle Assessment of food packaging, Europe 2017
Download the key findings of the Life Cycle Assessment of food packaging, Europe 2017 here