​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Openings and closures for Tetra Pak® carton packages

We offer a wide portfolio of openings and closures, different types to serve drink-from, pour-from or spoon-from needs.​ Choose from a simple perforation opening, to tear away tabs and lids, to one-step or two-step recloseable flipcaps or resealable screwcaps.​

We’re also continuously updating our portfolio, fine-tuning it to increase the level of convenience we offer to consumers. At the same time we work to reduce costs and introduce customized options for customers, while improving the environmental profile of our packages even further.​


Tethered caps

Our new range of tethered caps don't simply deliver on an EU legislative requirement – they contribute to reducing litter and your overall carbon footprint. Available as both drink-from and pour-from solutions, they also meet consumers' functionality preferences while having a limited impact on your own operations. Plant-based options made from sugarcane-based polymers are also available, further maximising the use of renewable and responsibly-sourced material in your packaging.
A new device for the Food Service channel

Tetra Pak® Dosing Pump

An innovative device to deliver faster, smarter and better service experience, ideal for busy HoReCa environment. It provides quick, mess-free dispensing of the liquid product including syrups, with a measured dose functionality ensuring the right amount of product, every time. Perfectly developed to fit on our carton packages.
Tetra Pak dosing pump
A simple way to make a difference

Plant-based caps

Plant-based caps are made from renewable polymers derived from sugar cane. They have the identical look and same functionality aspects as standard caps. By using Plant-based caps derived from sugarcane, you can increase the renewable content of your carton package and can contribute to lowering its impact on climate change.
Tetra Pak plant based caps on cartons
The simplest of openings

Single Use

Single use openings are practical, low-cost openings that combine easiness of use with high environmental credentials. From tear-off solutions to perforation, the single use openings combine simplicity and convenience for a well-accepted consumer choice.
Tetra recart single use openings
Easy to open, easy to close

One-step openings

One-step openings are easy to open in just one single step. By twisting the cap one turn, the package is opened with no more foil or plastic tabs. One-step screwcaps have a clearly visible tamper evidence ring, which is an important part of the opening mechanism and clear indication for consumers that the package hasn't already been opened.
Girl holding Tetra Pak package with one-step opening
With that extra reassuring opening step

Two-step openings

Two-steps openings are opened in two simple steps: either by unscrewing the lid and lifting the intuitive pull-ring or by twisting the lid and pulling a tab. Two-step openings are preferred by some consumers,mainly due to the perceived extra safety and hygiene. In our portfolio, we offer a variety of resealable screwcaps and reclosable flipcaps to deliver on expected consumer functionality.
Tetra Pak two-step opening packages