​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Processing applications for soy​

Soy is used to make a multitude of products including milk substitutes, traditional soy drinks, juice and soy hybrid drinks (in South America and Spain) and soy yoghurt for the lactose intolerant. The greatest challenge producers face is getting the taste right. Consumer preferences vary so much around the world - from the traditional strong beany to non-beany taste in different parts of Asia and the non-beany milky flavour that more often suits the Western palate.

We invite you to try out your recipes at our Product Development Centre in Singapore. Our experts are on hand to help you get the taste profile just right. Their knowledge of heat transfer technology in low acid products ensures a safe end product, and our processing equipment is designed to maximise yields.

Best-practice lines for soy

Best Practice line for soy

Soy extraction line

Starting from whole or dehulled beans, this extraction line integrates grinding, fibre separation, and enzyme deactivation, ensuring a high protein yield and full control over product flavour – from beany to non-beany. After extraction, the base is homogenized for texture and heat treated for safety.
Best Practice line for soy

Soy powder line

Starting from powders, this line offers excellent control over essential product properties like taste and texture. Intensive, high shear mixing disperses the powder, then efficiently dissolves and emulsifies the ingredients. Choose between two different heat treatment methods to ensure end product safety.