​​​​​​​Intelligent customized processing solutions

You want a customized solution. And you want cost control. Preferably with a guarantee. Here’s the solution that brings it all intelligently together. ​First of all we make sure we understand and agree on your needs and requirements. Using patented Tetra Pak core technologies we then start customize your solution together – either from a Best-practice line or from a single equipment module​, all depending on your situation. The delivery is made with guaranteed performance.​​

Stay in control with UCCD and TCO​​

UCCD stands for Understand – Create – Convey – Deliver and is our business approach to customised solutions. UCCD brings you all the advantages of patented technologies and leading food processing expertise in a well structured and proven format. Combine with our unique TCO method (Total Cost of Ownership) with precise cost calculation of the total lifecycle costs of your processing solution and you have ​the entire project in control from day one.​​

You will never be out of options

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a single valve, an equipment module or are planning to build multiple production facilities around the globe. Whatever you need, our portfolio can match it, offering more than 27,000 selected plant components​, 200 high-performance products in core technology areas, and over 50 best-practice lines. Integrate it all using the Tetra PlantM​aster™​ automation solution and get state of the art quality, efficiency and traceability throughout the value chain.

Trust us. Food safety is top of our mind too.

As the innovators in aseptic processing and packaging, you can rely on us to take this topic as seriously as you do. Our food safety credentials are well established, and we continue to develop these credentials in every aspect of our business – from the design of our equipment, through microbiological research, to participation in and adherence ​to international food safety regulations.​