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Milk is life

Milk has been part of the human diet for thousands of years. It is one of the most nutritionally complete foods available and is a natural source that contains a whole host of vitamins and minerals needed for good health. The most common is cows milk but ​there are also buffalo, goats, sheep and camel milk. 

UHT or pasteurized milk?

UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treatment or pasteurization are processes to give the milk longer shelf life.​ In the heating procees micro-organisms and pathogens  are killed resulting in a safe to drink and long life product without​ adding any additives.

The pasteurization process involves heating milk to 72-75 degrees Celsius with a holding time of 15-20 seconds before it is cooled. Along with correct cooling, pasteurisation will supply milk with longer shelf life. With proper chilled distribution, pasteurised milk has a shelf life of 5-15 days.

Using UHT treatment, liquid food products are exposed to brief, intense heating to temperatures in the range of 135 to 140 degrees Celsius. UHT treatment is a continuous process which takes place in a closed system that prevents the product from being contaminated by airborne micro-organisms.​

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