Our goal is that by 2020, 40% of all Tetra Pak cartons will be recycled – equivalent to recycling around 100 billion individual cartons a year.

​An investment in our future

We are convinced that recycling is an investment in our future and are committed to promoting our used beverage cartons as a valuable source of raw materials. The different layers of the aseptic carton – paper fibres, polymers and aluminium – can all be recycled using relatively simple techniques and turned into new products. Recycling means that less waste is sent to landfill and reduces demand for resources.

Tetra Pak has been promoting and facilitating recycling for many years, but our 2020 goal – to double the recycling rate from 20% in 2010 to 40% by the end of the decade – represents a new level of ambition. Taking the company's growth into account, this actually means tripling the volume of recycled cartons. It's a challenging goal, and to reach it we will need to achieve improvements along the entire recycling value chain by:

  • increasing consumer awareness
  • supporting collection and sorting infrastructure
  • boosting business opportunities for recycling entrepreneurs, and
  • expanding market opportunities for recycled materials.

We are already making good progress. In 2014, approximately 651,000 tonnes of Tetra Pak beverage cartons were recycled globally, up from 623,000 tonnes in 2013.

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Partnership working

While we don’t own or operate any recycling services ourselves – nor use recycled paperboard in our packaging – we firmly believe it is our responsibility to encourage and enable recycling of used beverage cartons.

In order to achieve this, we work with partners and stakeholders across the entire recycling value chain, supporting the development of the collection infrastructure, building the market for recycled materials and above all educating and encouraging end consumers to recycle. More than 150 companies in 45 markets – from small enterprises to multinational companies – currently recycle the base materials used in Tetra Pak cartons.

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