​​​​​​​​​​​Processing applications for coconut water​

This segment has enjoyed exponential growth in recent years thanks to its health-giving properties. However, it is one of the hardest raw materials to work with. Coconuts are a scarce resource and, once crushed, the liquid inside quickly turns pink and acquires an off-taste. Rapid processing is essential to prevent product waste.

If you're considering entering this exciting and growing business, why not talk to our Product Development Centre in Singapore? Our experts are dedicated to making coconut products. They can help you design a process that will maintain the flavour of your coconut water and help you turn the remaining ingredients into other valuable products like coconut milk or cream.

Read more about coconut water and our Product Development Centre in Singapore​ in Coconut water, nature's coolest thirst quencher (pdf)

New Coconut handbook online

Providing an in-depth guide to producing, marketing and distributing products made coconuts.

Best-practice lines for coconut water

We believe that your optimal solution is one that matches your specific production needs today and for the future – to make you more innovative, more effective and more competitive. And we believe that this optimal solution is born in applying our vast knowledge and complete range of innovative technology for food production in a close partnership with you.​​

Tetra Pak lines for coconut water enable maximum taste and nutrition control to secure product quality. The key thing is to prevent oxygen coming into contact with enzymes in the product, as that causes discolouration. Several features prevent this from happening. For example, a hermetic separator and the addition of nitrogen which reduce oxygen exposure.