​​​Processing applications for ​​tea

What could be more delicious than a tasty thirst-quenching glass of tea? After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, and it has long been promoted for having a variety of positive health benefits.

And there are endless variations on the theme! Starting with one of the six different basic types of tea as a base, you can add all kinds of other flavoured ingredients.

The main challenge is to reduce raw ingredients costs and get the best yield from the leaves. It's also important to remember that tea is a low acid product that needs to be properly heat-treated.

We offer sterilizers to heat-treat your product, separators to remove the leaves and clarify the tea, mixing and blending equipment for adding sugars and flavours – everything you need to make safe and delicious tea beverages.

Best-practice lines for tea

Tetra Vertenso Tea extraction line

Tea drinks line

This line offers efficient performance to keep your running costs down, while ensuring the safety of the end product. Efficient blending and sterilization reduces losses to an absolute minimum. Designed for high system flexibility, you can easily produce several different recipes with low to high acid products.