Processing components to optimise your operations

Whatever you produce, we have a processing component to optimise your operations. And you can be sure that our components will make your life a little easier, because they’re backed by the expertise of the world leader in food and beverage processing – with over a century of experience.

Take a brief tour through a world of opportunities

Find out how we fit into your processing world in this short video. And why our components will make a difference to your operations – as well as your peace of mind.

Take a brief tour through a world of opportunities

Find out how we fit into your processing world in this short video. And why our components will make a difference to your operations – as well as your peace of mind.

Processing components to optimise your operations

Are you looking for a processing component to increase your capacity, extend your product portfolio, or upgrade a current line? We have a full range of robust processing components designed to optimise your operations – from homogenizers to separators, mixers, heat exchangers and more. And we’ve made it easy for you to buy, install and operate them – customised to your production portfolio and recipes. This includes service support 24/7 and genuine spare parts delivered within 48 hours – even supported by financing or leasing when you need it. Learn more about how our processing components can add value to your operations. 

You have the product. We have the component

Processing components from the world leader

As a global supplier with local support around the globe, we offer components that are simple to buy and easy to install, operate, adapt and maintain. They’re customisable to your specific demands, and flexible enough to be integrated with non-Tetra Pak equipment. Our goal is to improve your processes, your profitability and the sustainability of your operations, with a broad range of processing equipment, from homogenizers, heat exchangers and mixers to single pumps and valves.

This goes well beyond reliable stainless-steel equipment, and into the domain of value creation through technical leadership and flexible services. Application support, financing, 24/7 support and access to spare parts for the entire component lifecycle – from a single supplier.

Tetra Pak Homogenizer

Homogenizers with lower energy consumption and consistent high quality

Homogenizers are the workhorses of the food industry: preventing creaming and sedimentation in milk products improving viscosity, taste and texture while preventing ingredient separation. Our components are designed for high homogenization efficiency allowing a lower homogenization pressure, and extreme durability for maximum uptime. They offer low energy, steam and water consumption and are easy to service and upgrade. We can also support you to set the optimal pressure for your products. The end result is an unbeatably low total cost of operation. There are currently about 8,000 Tetra Pak homogenizers installed around the world – proven technology since 1992.

Tetra Pak Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers for consistent high-quality results

We offer a complete range of plate, tubular, coiled and scraped-surface heat exchangers, available in a wide variety of designs, materials and sizes – for optimal results with your end product. Even as you add recipes and make changes in capacity, our food and engineering experts can guide you in meeting your requirements. Our heat exchangers combine high performance with cost-efficiency and low environmental impact, and we can even help optimise your heat transfer solutions using advanced modelling, design and calculation tools. Moreover, our specialists ensure food and engineering knowledge for optimal component choice and configuration – regardless of whether you’re producing soup, milk, yoghurt, juice, jam, plant-based products – or any other product – now or in the future. Over 30,000 heat exchangers are used by our customers around the world.

Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer

Flexible mixers for a smooth, homogenous product

Our range of versatile mixers efficiently achieves smooth, homogenous products with consistent quality – for today’s products as well as any future recipes. You’ll stay in complete control of the many factors that affect mixing efficiency – for batch tanks from 100 – 15,000 litres. Our mixing and blending technology gives you the cutting edge in food and beverage processing – for syrups, preparations, enriched products, high-viscosity products, and more – with rapid product changeovers. Achieve rapid mixing with simultaneous dosing from multiple sources – with up to 80% less mixing time. You’ll experience uniform product quality with almost zero product losses, with our performance guarantees and proven technology.

Tetra Pak Separator

Centrifugal separators for flexibility and high performance

Centrifugal separation separates cream and skimmed milk, or clarifies a variety of liquids by removing particles, including spores. We’ve been setting the standard for gentle and efficient separation in dairy and non-dairy applications for over 100 years – while meeting the strictest performance requirements of the food industry. Our high-capacity, cutting-edge separation technology has evolved, with our unique AirTight technology providing excellent product quality and separation efficiency – with unrivalled low energy and water consumption. You’ll have the production flexibility needed for different recipes, or different capacities, and we provide process and application expertise on the best production settings. Regardless of your requirements – large complex lines or a simple piece to boost your current set-up – we have what you need. Services and condition-based monitoring reduce maintenance efforts and unplanned downtime. Best of all – we provide application, utilities and equipment performance guarantees.

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer

Ice cream components delivering consistent high quality

We offer continuous ice cream freezers with capacities from 40 l/h to 4,500 l/h, as well as dosing equipment to handle inclusions – nuts, fruit and whatever else your creative recipes call for. Our highly controlled, rapid freezing process produces extremely consistent product quality, so that the difference between the morning output and evening output is negligible. The mix is churned, blended and aerated optimally to match the requirements of thousands of recipes. Minimizing the quality variation also enables easier viscous moulding, extrusion and filling. We’ve been producing ice cream freezers for over 70 years, and some of our original models are still in use today!

Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer
Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser

Tetra Pak Big Bag Tipping Unit

Bag tippers for safe and efficient handling

Our range of tipping and discharging equipment is designed for hygienic, ergonomic and efficient discharge of powder ingredients – from bags to truckloads. From ergonomic design with cost-efficient, flexible solutions, to robust constructions with hygienic stainless-steel design, our equipment secures food safety and combines improved working conditions with fast cleaning and low downtime.

Selection of plant components

Plant Components – One supplier with 40,000 advantages

Tetra Pak plant components give you all the convenience, savings, quality and support that comes with a single reliable partner. Our portfolio includes over 40,000 components, from pumps and valves and measuring instruments to integration, automaton, and electrical components. They’re sourced from leading brands and validated for quality and safety, and simple to buy via our e-Business platform.

Food and beverage expertise for added value

Food and beverage producers face new challenges continuously. Our role is to provide you with the technology and expertise you need to create profitable and sustainable production solutions. With our extensive installed base and vast application competence, combined with technology know-how, we support with component configurations and processing parameters that will secure your product quality, running time and efficiency. Experts at our Product Development Centres and Customer Innovation Centres help you understand how your ingredients will respond to different processes, and how to create ideal processing solutions. You can get help with recipe development, or run an actual product in a lab or at pilot scale. Our local organizations add knowledge of regional food products and local market conditions.

Tailored Maintenance Services and upgrades for the entire component lifecycle

Your Tetra Pak processing component is designed to operate with the highest performance and reliability, and we cover the full spectrum of maintenance services to secure your equipment reliability. Our skilled service engineers make sure everything – whether a single component, a processing line, or your entire plant – is kept operable. With our Maintenance Services and upgrades you can be certain you get an optimised return. We provide the right combination of condition-based and corrective maintenance that reduce downtime, saving you money and headaches. With a service agreement you can protect your investment with an extended warranty.

Financing – Equip quickly but pay slowly

Want to avoid cash payments while optimising your production? With our flexible financing for processing equipment, you can equip yourself with innovative processing components while paying slowly either by credit or by leasing. Optimise your cash flow by avoiding an upfront payment. With minimum paperwork, we give you a quick answer on your eligibility for financing, and offer competitive interest rates and flexible payment terms. Options at the end of the leasing period include a buy-back solution so if you decide that you don’t want the equipment anymore, we take care of the equipment when you no longer need it.

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