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Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 1000 Square is an eight-sided carton package that dresses your product with a sustainable look. It’s an ideal solution for consuming ambient beverages.

This sustainable packaging solution features:

Cap: Sugarcane-based plastic
1. Inside plastic layer
2. Internal layer made from polymers derived from sugarcane
3. Adhesive plastic layer
4. Barrier layer
5. Internal layer made from polymers derived from sugarcane
6. Paperboard
7. External layer made from polymers derived from sugarcane

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Tetra Rex® Plant-based

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Tetra Brik® Aseptic 1000 Edge with Plant-based LightCap™ 30 and Tetra Pak® Craft

The world’s first aseptic carton package certified for its use of materials from renewable sources.

Tetra Prisma Aseptic 750 Square package

Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 750 Square with Plant-based HeliCap™27

Same package functionality while utilizing less material.

Tetra Brik Aseptic 200 Slim Leaf package

Tetra Brik® Aseptic 200 Slim Leaf with Paper-based Straw and Tetra Pak® Craft

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1Recyclability of our carton packages is dependent on local requirements and recycling infrastructures. 

2External and internal layers made from sugarcane-based plastics. 

3The FSC license code for Tetra Pak is FSC™ C014047