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New Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer delivers better mixing performance and cuts energy consumption

Featuring a radical new design that produces finer, more consistent and more stable emulsions, the new mixer reduces the need for downstream homogenisation

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Tetra Pak’s new in-line blender improves consistency and saves costs

Tetra Pak In-line Blender D is a sophisticated automation platform that continuously collects data and controls the precision of blending.

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Tetra Pak uses more than one third renewable electricity

This is up from 22% in 2015. Key to this achievement was the purchase earlier this year of International Renewable Energy Certificates for all plants in China.

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Tetra Pak’s New Condition Monitoring Service Slashes Downtime and Cuts Costs for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

New Condition Monitoring service to help food and beverage manufacturers predict machine failures before they occur cutting machine downtime and costs

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