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La convergenza di salute e ambiente

Lo studio di ricerca Tetra Pak rivela che la convergenza tra ambiente e salute è in crescita e l'industria alimentare e delle bevande è la prima a vedere questa tendenza.

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Tetra Laval Group Donating €350,000 to Australian Bushfire Relief

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Our thoughts remain with those affected by the devastating Australian bushfires. To help the communities in need, the Tetra Laval Group is donating €350,000

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Tetra Pak celebrates customers’ global recognition at 16th Global Bottled Water Congress

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Tetra Pak would like to congratulate its customers on their excellent performance and recognition at Zenith Global’s 16th Global Bottled Water Congress.

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Tetra Pak offers best-practice yoghurt lines to help customers capture growing demand

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Our Best-practice lines for yoghurt products is a suite of expert services which support a wide variety of yoghurt innovations for growing consumer demands

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Sustainable JNSD line pays off – Tetra Pak wins “IFU 2019 Innovation Award”

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we realized that something could be done differently in the Juice-Nectar-Still Drink industry and decided to focus on how to make juice production sustainable

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Case study e articoli

Customisation is key for Tine

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Tetra Pak has worked closely with Tine, Norway’s leading dairy producer, to provide filling equipment for its new state-of-the-art plant at Bergen

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Optimized milk homogenization – new methods for achieving longer shelf life

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Sign up for our white paper and find out how new homogenization technologies can make dairy operations more cost-effective, flexible and sustainable.

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Turning commodity into value-added products

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American dairy Select Milk​ has built a state-of-the-art dairy processing facility. Here, many millions of pounds of milk are turned into butter and milk powder

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Sumit Khatter,

VP Comunicazioni esterne
Cellulare: +91 124 4124674
E-mail: sumit.khatter@tetrapak.com

Zoe Ngobeni,

Responsabile PR Senior
Cellulare: +39 346 3700470
E-mail: uzothile.ngobeni@tetrapak.com

Jane Jarosz,

Direttore Relazioni pubbliche e Sostenibilità
Cellulare: +39 345 4441699
E-mail: [jane.jarosz@tetrapak.com](mailto: jane.jarosz@tetrapak.com)

Pantharee Yordsree,

Responsabile PR Senior
Cellulare: +46 46 362256

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