Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer for emulsified sauces and spreads


  • 通过高效的加工和最优的原料产量实现较低的生产成本
  • 得益于独特的两步乳化过程和预测工具,您可以完全控制质量参数
  • 从乳化酱到豆类和蔬菜制成的涂抹酱,产品生产的灵活性不受限制。 易于扩展。


我们的高剪切混料机系列能够大大提高蛋黄酱冷乳液生产的效率——节省时间和能源,确保昂贵的配料得到充分利用。 外观、口味和口感等质量参数受到严格控制,因此您可以精确地复制现有产品,并以较低的成本生产。



选择高剪切混料机时,您应该考虑哪些因素? 以下是应该考虑的四个因素。













Prediction tool

Ensure identical or enhanced product quality

Our prediction tool enables the replication and/or enhancement of any cold emulsion products. With an existing recipe as the starting point, it measures the size and distribution of droplets and generates the exact process parameters required to replicate it i.e. mixing time, speed and shear force. Just bring your sample to our Product Development Centre and we’ll tell (and/or show) you how to make it on our high shear mixer.

Dynamic HS mixing head

Full control over product quality parameters

Our patented technology allows high and low shear mixing in the same process. It gives you complete control over the speed, time and degree of shear force of your mixing. This means you can fine-tune the size and distribution of droplets in your product, and hence achieve the exact viscosity, mouthfeel and texture you want.

Double-shaft agitator

Ensures a homogenous end product

In this unit, a double-shaft agitator circulates product around the tank. Its counter rotating blades reach every corner of the tank, ensuring that all product passes evenly through the Dynamic HS mixing head, resulting in a homogenous end product regardless of viscosity.

Unique mixer design

Ingredient introduction 4 – 5 times faster than standard equipment

In this high shear mixer, the ingredients are introduced into the main body of the mixing vessel, rather than being fed directly into the high shear mixing head. This means there is no risk of over-shearing and the speed of ingredient introduction can be significantly higher than traditional mayonnaise production equipment.
Vacuum system

For rapid ingredient introduction and product deaeration

Ingredients are rapidly drawn into the mixing vessel by an independently controlled vacuum pump. This enables faster, more complete deaeration of the product and allows full control of the vacuum level inside the mixer.


Multi-stage mixing head

In a batch plus set-up, a patented rotor stator inline mixing head is placed on the outlet string of the mixer – for creating the final emulsion. It combines the emulsification process with emptying, thereby shortening production time. Its mechanical design is hydro-dynamically balanced to allow very high speeds and narrow tolerances.

Twin-screw pump

In a batch plus set-up, this pump controls the flow of product from the mixing vessel into an inline multi-stage HS mixing head – creating the final emulsion. It can handle both low and high viscosity products, and works under extremely low suction pressures without risk for cavitation.

Control of ingredient inlet and product outlet

To produce mayonnaise continuously with a batch plus setup, it is possible to add control valves and flowmeters on all ingredient inlets and the product outlet. This increases capacity and further reduces the production cost per kilo of product.

Bin lifter

For easy lifting and loading

The bin lifter system is capable of lifting bins of 200 litres or 300 litres with the press of a button. The contents of the bin can be emptied automatically into the mixing tank through a large manway at the top. This provides a sanitary and ergonomic way to add ingredients such as beans, chickpeas and other vegetables.

Pressure Vessel

Pressure cooking at up to 135°C

By choosing a pressure vessel for the mixing tank, customers have the option of cooking under pressure at 3 bars giving temperatures of up to 135°C. Apart from giving an even shorter cooking time, this form of cooking can give other benefits such as preserving colour and taste.

Direct Steam Injection

Direct steam injection

If you want to heat up the contents of the mixer fast, there is the option of direct steam injection. We have developed our own design of nozzles to ensure a long working life. A sanitary steam system is used to ensure food safety.

Vibrating powder hopper

Reduces air incorporation; enhances product quality
In a batch or batch plus set-up where powdered ingredients are used, our patented vibrating powder hopper compresses the powder, preventing the formation of so-called ‘rat holes’. This significantly reduces the amount of air introduced along with the powder.