Tetra Pak® Sprey Kurutucu Prolac

Gıdaya uygun permeat tozları için kontinü sprey kurutma sistemi.

  • Üstün kaliteli, birinci sınıf, topaklanmayan ve higroskopik olmayan toz üretin
  • Ürün yelpazesinde ve toz işlevselliğinde esnek olun ve kullanımı zor “yapışkan permeatları” başarıyla yönetin
  • Optimum sonuçlar için eksiksiz bir Tetra Pak hat çözümüne entegrasyondan yararlanın
Tetra Pak® Sprey Kurutucu Prolac

Permeat tozlarına yönelik Tetra Pak® Sprey Kurutucu Prolac

Tetra Pak® Sprey Kurutucu Prolac, çeşitli peynir altı suyu türlerinden permeat tozu üretmek için kullanılır. Sistem, süt permeatları prosesi için de uygundur.


Ürün yelpazesine ve mevcut permeat akışına bağlı olarak saatte 3 ila 8 ton toz çıktısı.


Çeşitli peynir altı sularından permeat tozu üretir ve süt permeatlarının prosesi için de uygundur. Tipik olarak buharlaşma, kristalizasyon ve toz işlemeyi de kapsayan eksiksiz bir Tetra Pak hat çözümüne entegre edilir.


Straight tube air distributor

Straight tube air distributor

Straight tube air distributor (STAD) with integrated high-pressure nozzle assembly 

  • Single or multi venturi air distributor evenly distributes drying air at relatively low pressure drop, minimising electricity consumption
  • Modular design enables multiple venturi deployments as dryer capacity increases, ensuring standardised atomisation conditions
  • Chamber roof cooling system minimises powder deposits (bearding) and prevents overheating of any deposits that do form
Swivel adjustable lances

Swivel adjustable lances

Swivel adjustable lances for improved safety

  • Easy and accurate process adjustments and enhanced operator safety through short lances and side-mounted placement
  • Each air distributor has integrated high-pressure nozzle assembly and optional fines return capability
  • Depending on required functional properties, fines separated from exhaust air can be reintroduced in the atomising zone
Crystallisation belt

Crystallisation belt

Crystallisation belt for lactose processing

  • Handles lactose crystallisation of humid powder from the drying chamber
  • Well-defined residence times ensure exact results and support production of high-quality whey powder with minimal protein denaturation
Tetra Pak® Shaking Bed

Tetra Pak® Shaking Bed

Tetra Pak® Shaking Bed for single- and multi-stage drying

  • Single- and multi-stage drying of agglomerated and non-agglomerated products
  • Allows gentle after-drying and after-cooling of delicate products
  • Shaking motion improves air/solids contact for superior mixing and higher thermal efficiency
  • Depending on product type, the product passes through a static bed, a well mix shaking bed and plug-flow drying and/or cooling bed
Tetra Pak® Bag Filter

Tetra Pak® Bag Filter

Optimal powder particle separation with Tetra Pak® Bag Filter

  • Separates powder particles in exhaust air of spray drying installation
  • Dislodges deposits with compressed air and pulses them into fluidising cone
  • Filtered air leaves top of bag filter via clean air side and is discharged via exhaust fan
  • Designed for maximum product yield, low emissions and competitive total cost of ownership
Open pressure transport

Open pressure transport

Open pressure transport system for fines separation

  • Separates and collects fines present in exhaust air
  • Uses conditioned air to convey and cool the fines before separation in system cyclone
  • Reduces fines’ exposure to heat, minimising potential product damage
  • MPT system conveys fines to atomising zone for agglomeration or fluid bed for production of non-agglomerated product


Middle pressure fines transport system

Middle pressure fines transport system

Middle pressure fines transport system for recovered fine powder

  • Conveys fine powder recovered from cyclone/s and/or baghouse to:
  • Dryer for entry to the atomising zone for agglomerated/instant or dustless products; or
  • Start of shaking or fluid bed for regular products and when no agglomeration is required; or
  • Discharge end of shaking or fluid bed for emptying and shut down
  • If required, the fines’ destination can be changed mid-run by valve adjustment
Multiple feed systems

Multiple feed systems

24/7 production with multiple feed systems

  • Multiple concentrate feed systems allow concentrate tanks, heaters and high-pressure pumps to be independently rotated and cleaned
  • Supports round-the-clock production if desired
  • Changeovers of lines feeding high-pressure pumps are by water flushing the feed system – a setup that eliminates product loss
  • Post-production line immediately flushed and cleaned when product diverts to clean high-pressure concentrate line
Spray monitoring system

Spray monitoring system

Spray monitoring system for full control

  • Continuously monitors spray pattern of high-pressure nozzles to ensure safe spray drying and prevent nozzle leakage or product build-up on nozzle tips
  • Consists of camera system connected by fibre optic cable to a PC monitor
  • Supports maximum air inlet temperature of 280˚C
  • Camera cooling system at top of drying chamber
Exhaust air heat recuperator

Exhaust air heat recuperator

Exhaust air heat recuperator for energy optimisation

  • Transfers energy from dryer exhaust air to dryer inlet
  • Placed after bag filter and can be combined with exhaust noise attenuator
  • Hygienic design for full cleanability and optimal heat transfer
  • Design takes account of exhaust air condensation levels