Not like any other water bottle

The perfect on-the-go water bottle

In situations when you quickly want to quench your thirst, the Tetra Top carton water bottle is the convenient choice. It is easy to drink from and, as the cap is resealable, it is simple to bring along after you’ve had your first sips. With Tetra Top carton water bottle you always have fresh drinking water at hand.
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Renewable with a low carbon footprint

The Tetra Top carton water bottle is mainly made of renewable resources and comes with cap and top derived from sugar cane, meaning that the material used to make it grows back. The whole bottle is of course also recyclable. This results in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, pushing the environmental footprint of Tetra Top to a minimum.

One of a kind

The Tetra Top gives you a chance to differentiate your product from other water bottles on the market. As it is made of carton, it offers a "360 degree billboard effect" with endless printing design possibilities to create brand and product awareness. The square shape, with slightly rounded corners and unique looks, really makes Tetra Top stand out on the shelf.

JUST® Water

Company: JUST®
Location: Glens Falls New York
Product: Tetra Top® carton water bottle
Launch: 2015 across the US